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Skali is the tariqa's representative in France, but is now less involved, and with this--and as the tariqa is growing--it is becoming somewhat less Traditionalist.


Other posts on: Boutchichiyya , France. Change of name and change of address. The new address of their website is www. Other posts on: America North , Christianity , Maryamiyya. Traditionalism in Turkey. A good fit, I think. The same colleague also questions my view, expressed in Against the Modern World, that Traditionalism in Turkey is not political. On the contrary, he argues, it has major political implications as a voice against Western culture.

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This must be right--this is the role that everyone is agreed Traditionalism played in Iran before the revolution, so it could hardly not be the case in Turkey too. Other posts on: Turkey. Alexander Dugin's associates have once again shown their considerable media talents. A number of excellent video clips are available on Ru Tube not to be confused with YouTube!

Excellent photography, and some very interesting music. A few clashes with the police, some speeches by Dugin, outings in the woods Try the classic style , and the postmodern style. Also visit Eurasia TV. Other posts on: Music scene , Russia. But since phone numbers in Egypt change quite frequently, if this doesn't work, see an earlier post on the subject here. The account also has some good photos. Friday, September 07, Opportunity in Amsterdam.

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This sort of position is the specialty of certain European countries--instead of the student paying the university to do a PhD, the university pays the student! Since "the research proposal will focus on a relevant topic in the period from the Enlightenment 18th century to the present," something related to Traditionalism might be acceptable.

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Potential applicants see the job ad. Other posts on: academia. Thursday, September 06, New peer-reviewed Traditionalist journal. The announcement of this journal was carried by the ListServ of the Section for the study of Islam of the American Academy of Religion --the 1 body for academics teaching about Islam in US universities, to which many non-American academics also belong.

It's interesting to see further signs of Traditionalist activity in Australia, but it's especially interesting that the journal is peer-reviewed. There are two points about peer-review. One is that it improves the quality of articles. The other is that it gives respectability in university circles. Academics have to report their activities to university administrators, and in this context a peer-reviewed article counts for a lot more than one that is not peer-reviewed.

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The journal, then, is both a sign of Traditionalism gaining or attempting to gain respectability in mainstream academic life, and of Traditionalism "coming out. However, the editors have given themselves a let-out. According to the Call for Articles , "articles that do not fit the academic criteria for peer-review but are deemed of value will be published under a non peer-reviewed category.

Other posts on: academia , Australia. Tuesday, July 10, Tavener on the eternal feminine. During June sorry it's taken me a month to mention it , several newspapers published reports of the premieres of " The Beautiful Names ," a setting of the 99 names of God by the leading Maryami musician, Sir John Tavener.

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Among all the press coverage, almost the only article to note a Traditionalist element was in The Economist , which mentioned "a school of thought which maintains that all rigorously followed religious traditions somehow converge at the 'summit. Higgins dug deeper, and in a fascinating interview June 11, Tavener refers to a vision he once had of Frithjof Schuon and explains about the transcendent unity of religions and the kali yuga though he doesn't use the terms. Most interesting, however, is what he has to say about "the eternal feminine.

It is very aggressive and violent. And the feminine dimension is what everyone could do with having a good dose of. This is somewhat closer to Aristasia than most Maryamis. He added: Even the prophet Mohammed said that the things that were most pleasing to him in this world were women and perfumes. I think women actually have that effect on me. Every woman I have known has actually deepened my spiritual awareness.

Even if I have been a selfish man and treated them badly. Other posts on: gender issues , Maryamiyya , United Kingdom. Dances in Bloomington. William Barnard and Jeffrey J. According to the introduction, Hugh Urban examines the most controversial of the Maryami practices in Bloomington-- dances involving " sacred nudity.

Other posts on: Maryamiyya , new articles. Sunday, July 08, New Romanian Traditionalist of interest.


Toti's main source is E. Montanari, La fatica del cuore. He is publishing an article, "Morfologia religiosa ed ermeneutica nel "Padre Spirituale" di A. Scrima," in Studi e Materiali di Storia delle Religioni 74, no. Comments welcome: Marco Toti, marco76toti yahoo. Other posts on: new articles , Romania. Tuesday, June 26, Russian text archive. A new Russian website with some useful text archives if you want to read in Russian , which also reminds us that there are Russian Traditionalists other than those who follow Dugin.

The owner of this site, Maxim Trefan, follows Haydar Jamal see photo , and so the selection of texts is especially interesting. Then there's a large Eliade section. Less usual Traditionalist authors include Haydar Jamal of course , Eliade , and Nukhaev one text only. Savitri Devi also features. The collection of texts on Islam includes Schuon and Nasr , of course, but also some non-Traditionalists, including Henri Corbin and in English two academic colleagues of mine, Bernd Radtke and Knut Vikor. Oddities include David Irving and Gustave Le Bon 's The Crowd , a book that was extremely influential in its time and is still quite readable, but which I have never before seen in a Traditionalist context.

There's also a music section, available in English , which gives some of Trefan's own music--which is not metal.

watch Other posts on: Esoteric Nazism , Music scene , Russia , text archives. There will also be some papers that deal explicitly with Traditionalism. A pdf version of the full program is available online.