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You instinctively know that society has levels and you do not want to be left at the bottom. You always have a plan, a back-up plan and a back-up, back-up plan. You set your vision on the corner office, the presidency or whatever position is at the top of the career chain. You are passionate and need a strong physical relationship.

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It is best if you get together with someone else who is equally robust. They should be made aware that you have razor sharp memory.

Your Scorpio Horoscope For 12222 Is Here

You never give up and are always seeking new ways to move forward. Acutely aware of your surroundings at all times, you can be counted upon to notice things that others are oblivious of. Use your sharp intelligence well and it will take you to high places. Good matches for you : Capricorn seems to understand you from the inside out. Skip to main content. Google Tag Manager. By Celeste Longacre. October 3, Related Articles Zodiac Signs Astrology. Tags Scorpio.

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Scorpio 12222 Horoscope

Cancer Zodiac Sign. In fact, they crave control - it gives them a feeling of safety and security. Despite being rather private about themselves, they love getting to the truth of things - and their intuitions about others are typically very strong and correct, meaning that their ability to decipher the essence behind things are fast and efficient. Many Scorpios are protective of both themselves and others and will rarely allow themselves to get hurt. This means that they are usually quite secretive and rarely show their feelings.

They will protect their friends quite fiercely and most tend to give great advice, given that they love knowing how our minds work. Because they can keep secrets, they tend to be valued deeply by their friends and are very trustworthy. Because their emotions often drive all their actions, they tend to have a great intensity, sometimes misinterpreted as anger. This makes them focused and dedicated to anything that they decide to put their energy into.

They usually tend to be competitive, though they try and hide it. Their possessive nature is oftentimes unwarranted. Given their love of analyzing people and their intentions, they can often see bad things on the horizon that aren't always there and can come across as very suspicious without any just cause.

WEEKLY SCORPIO : Dreams really do come true

Scorpios can seem, to some signs, to be untrustworthy because of their tendencies to be quiet and their ability to keep secrets. Another trait that is much feared by other zodiac signs is their sense of vengeance. They never forget a betrayal or insult, meaning that they can choose to retaliate even for the slightest of injuries. Scorpios can hold grudges for a long time and it is not a good idea to cross them. They can react aggressively when they feel threatened or jealous, living up to their animal namesake.

Get the Claves Astrologicae, a card astrology oracle deck. Use the zodiac, the planets, the houses and the phases of the moon to guide you. In their romantic relationships Scorpios are one of the most passionate of all the zodiac signs. They deeply enjoy the pleasures of intimacy - both physical and emotional.

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To a Scorpio, seekers of hidden truths, relationships are about revealing your inner self - revealing the reality under the surface. We must remember that Scorpios hide their intense feelings - and that they sometimes assume that this must be the case for others.

In love, Scorpios expect and crave this kind of spiritual element - the joining together of two souls. It is often difficult to resist a Scorpio - many tend to have a magnetism about them that will draw what they desire near. They return that respect with an intense loyalty and devotion.

Because Scorpios are rather picky about the company they choose, especially when it comes to their partner, you can become one of the very few people that matter in the world for them. One thing to remember is to never cross or betray them - they are very protective of their own feelings and this can lead them to bail rather than get hurt.

If they are hurt, they do not forget quickly. Or ever. They hold grudges and anyone who cheats on a Scorpio should watch their back. A person who falls under the sign of Scorpio makes a loyal member of the family, as well as a faithful friend. They tend to see from a very early age where the family dynamics lie and who to avoid and who to push further. They will stand up for anyone in their family who is being bullied, even against other family members. When they are given their own space, they will be happy to spend time with their family as long as it is not too draining for them.

When planning out their lives they do include their family in their plans, but will be quick to remove any family members that cross them in any way. In terms of jobs and careers, Scorpios are more suited to jobs where they can be independent and do things by themselves.

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Given their propensity to love the inner workings of the mind, Scorpios can be very well suited to psychology fields, and anything that lets them work with people, without having to work in a team necessarily. Scorpios would prefer not to be put in leadership positions, but will take the reins if they feel that their leader is incompetent or treating those underneath them unfairly.

Scorpios can be very hard workers, though a lot of this work is done internally rather than externally which can make them seem like they aren't working when they are. Labyrinthos Academy is an online tarot school that aims to bring the ancient ritual of tarot for a modern practice. Sign up now to begin your initiation ritual. You'll get an email guiding you in your first steps as a witch, wizard or mage. Please confirm your acceptance letter in your inbox to start orientation.