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Planet Sedna - Darkstar Astrology. Latet Updates — Page 18 — angstoic com. Musical success timing with Magi Astrology. Transits to Chiron - Tom Jacobs. What It Reveals About. My personal and your's too experiences with JUNO. Horoscope Current Week: September 2 to 8, Juno in Astrology. Chiron Planets In Astrology Astrology. Article Template. Astrology Education Planetary Geometry. Your Weekly Astrology Forecast for November 12—19, Examples of Super Success in music. Closeness Theme Ruler of 4th in 8th Ruler of 5th in Libra. Sex in Magi Astrology - Magihelena Magihelena.

Adam Lambert's Soulmates. Magi Astrology Musings. I need info: why is he emotionally unavailable, hard to read. Enjoy The Grace of Jupiter! Chiron — Astrology in Crime. Each god or planet had a specific influence. Various myths were created to teach people these symbolisms and along the way these were embellished, but the essence of the ancient planets remained consistent through the centuries.

In Magi Astrology the symbolisms of some of the planets may be quite different to those used by traditional astrologers. This is especially true of the planets discovered in modern times. These planets were named after figures of mythology; however, this does not mean that their symbolisms correspond to those mythological figures.

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In Magi Astrology we prefer to use statistics, rather than myth, to derive the symbolisms of the planets. It is the most important body not only in the Solar System, but also in an astrological chart. This is what is being represented by the chart, i. It is the essence, spirit or life force. It also rules the circulatory system and the heart, both essential to life. It only occurs in the geocentric chart where we view the Solar System from the Earth's perspective.

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The Sun appears to be moving, but it is actually the Earth's movement that we are observing. If we walk past a tree we perceive the tree to be moving in relation to us, but it is actually us that is moving. In the longitudes it moves about one degree per day, but in the declinations it moves fastest around the Equinoxes March and September and slowest during the Solstices June and December.

The up-down movement of the Sun in the declinations as it oscillates from North to South gives us the seasons of the year. All planets move like this in the declinations, but it is only the Sun that has such a marked effect on our environment. The Moon or The satellite of the Earth rules emotions, the unconscious, and urges. It also symbolises the soul, crops, food, the ocean, water, habits, instincts, feelings and vulnerability. It is a very personal planet and represents the past, nostalgia, withdrawing for protection, following tradition and maternal love.

Sedna magi astrology

Although the Moon is an important planet in astrology, we can only include it in the birthcharts if the time of birth is known. This is because it moves so fast and without the time of birth we can't be sure of where it is in the chart.

It moves over 10 degrees per day in the longitudes and also varies in speed in the declinations like the Sun. Mercury This planet was known by our ancient ancestors even though it often can't be seen because it is in the Sun's glare. The ancient symbolisms are consistent with those that we use.

The ancient Romans called Mercury the messenger and he had wings on his sandals to help him move fast. It rules communication, expression and anything that requires the mind. It also rules transportation, swiftness, music, teaching, poetry, movies, intelligence, travel, exploration, respiratory and nervous systems, calculators, computers, design and sense of balance. Mercury is important in the charts of athletes because it symbolises reflexes. It is also important in the charts of architects, singers, writers and actors.

Traditional astrologers say that when Mercury goes retrograde or apparent backward movement that there are problems with communication and travel. However, the Magi Society has not found this to be true and it can be good to have retrograde planets in a chart. Venus Venus was especially important to the Mayans in South America who devised calendars based on its movement.

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The ancient Greeks and Romans called Venus or Aphrodite in Greek the planet of love and feminine beauty. Magi Astrologers also call Venus the planet of beauty, but it also rules money cash in particular , luxury, jewels, socialising, partnerships, weddings not marriage though , cooperation, social standing, grace, charm, fashion and being fashionable.

It is not only an important financial planet, but also a sexual planet.

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  • In the latter sphere it rules desire, infatuation, intimacy, sexual desire in women, seduction, the act of lovemaking and sexual attraction or sex appeal. Venus is the planet of harmony and victory in war. It's known as the lesser benefic, where the benefics are planets of good luck and fortune. The greater benefic is Jupiter.


    It is a very important point in the heliocentric charts and has the same meaning as the Sun that we see in the geocentric charts. However, there are some differences between the two bodies. Mars The planet of war, anger, fighting and violence; it is no wonder that this planet was known as the lesser malefic the greater malefic is Saturn. The malefics are considered to be problematic and bring loss and harm.

    However, Mars can be very useful because it rules initiative, enthusiasm, the body and anything that requires the body as primary like dancing, farming with Neptune , martial arts and sport. Mars rules energy and it is perhaps uncontrolled energy that is harmful and the reason the ancient astrologers considered this planet to be a malefic. The red planet is also a sexual planet and rules physical attraction, sex drive, male sexuality and sexual energy remember Venus rules female sexual energy and sexuality. Jupiter The great benefic.

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    After the Sun, Jupiter is the largest body in the Solar System. It symbolises good fortune, success, fulfilment, prayers being answered and dreams coming true. In ancient times it was the king of the gods and in some ways it is the king of the astrological chart. It rules fairness, compassion, selflessness and truth.

    It is the protector and a sign of true genius. Jupiter symbolises providence and power that is used benevolently. It expands that which is good and helpful, and contracts that which is bad and harmful. It is a sign of royalty and self-sacrifice.

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    Judges, banks, laws, clergy and priests are all ruled by this planet. Saturn The great malefic; on the one hand this planet symbolises problems, delusions, temptation, obstructions, shortages, losses, mistakes, bad luck, revenge, breaking apart, selfishness, narrow-mindedness, frustration, confusion, hatred and repulsion.

    On the other it rules control, scientists, scientific thinking and attorneys. It is a very serious planet; there's nothing light and playful here. Many times the problems caused by Saturn are a result of there being either too much or little, but never enough.