Predicting earthquakes astrology

Another transit is Lilith conjunct Jupiter, exact today. Hi Lilleyth, I usually am looking at just the most likely aspects that occur during quake events and use a statistical oriented astrology program to do that, usually bypassing looking at many potential quake charts as a result.

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Unfortunately, it's always easier to see a chart as one that represents an earthquake much more readily after the fact then before. Thanks for your comments.. Hi John, I was impressed myself with that quote the first time I read it and fortunately that happened just before publishing this hub.

Glad you liked reading it. I used to live in the San Fran Bay Area but was back east with family when the '89 quake hit. Not as exciting in the Portland area without the threat of quakes hanging over your head but I worry less now. There may be a mega quake looming on the horizon here, yet probably at least another lifetime away. Hope the big one doesn't happen any time soon in your area. Thanks for your comment John.. Hi Tammy, well I may be on to something in at least how active the month will be in general.

However, the 2nd 6.

Astrology and Earthquakes. Is there a celestial connection?

Earthquake asteriod Vulcano is conjunct Pluto. Mars is retrograde, approaching a conjunction with Anubis and Pluto is approaching Posedion.

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  • Moon is approaching Siva at the top of the chart, so it ain't over. Thanks Lilleyth, yes, I've seen them here on the West Coast also, very pretty. Hi Lilleyth, I've been exploring aspects of the planets in relation to earthquakes on a statistical basis and from that I have concluded that, contrary to what one might think due to its immenseness, Jupiter is apparently so benevolent that it cancels out the effects of influences such as Mars and Uranus when in positive aspects to them.


    It is rare for their to be an earthquake when either the Moon or Jupiter are conjunct Venus. However, the Moon opposite or square Venus may cause some concern. By the way, if you live on the East Coast you can see Jupiter and Venus near each other, two bright stars in the western sky. But Joe, Jupiter is a giant that rules "excess", and Venus rules earth, and together with the pull of the Moon which rules tital waves Hi Tammy, sorry, meant to respond to this earlier but got distracted due to one of my emails being hacked into..

    Anyway, Venus and Jupiter aren't usually destructive influences so the Moon conjoining them doesn't spell disaster for me. I'd look more towards the combination of such planets as Mars with Uranus and possibly a second aspect to them from either Mercury or the sun or Moon. Saturn sometimes plays a roll too, but seldom does Jupiter, Venus, or even Neptune Thanks Angela Kane, glad to supply you with some thought provoking stuff.

    Now if I can only end up with not too much egg on my face after the passing of my predicted windows for potential earthquakes.. Thanks again for your interest.. I am very interested in astrology and your article provides some very good information to think about. I study these events.

    There is a big warning for March 22nd as Jupiter and Venus align with the moon.

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    • I would love to learn more about these theories. Very fascinating! Great hub! Update: As I type this there is less than half a day before the opening of one of my two astrological windows that would indicate a greater likelihood than usual for a 3 day period at least 2Xs greater than the statistical average during the month of March, The month isn't even half over and there has been a 6.

      Earthquake Prediction Came True By Astrologer KM SINHA

      In an average month there would be quakes of 6. It looks to me that these last two quakes were mostly random and that there will be approximately three more quakes this month in this size range; one more random quake and two that relate to astrology. If that comes to pass then there will have been twice the normal number of quakes in a month and if two of them land within one or both of my windows then the results of my prediction will have been twice that expected from the statistical average. One additional location of an earthquake during this window is in Indonesia, besides in Iran as mentioned earlier.

      I am also widening the area that it could happen in Iran and including the area of Torud. Update: I've taken another look at my predicted earthquake windows for March and am widening their span and repositioning their centers a bit. If only 1 quake of 6. If two such quakes happen in March and one of them falls within a window, that will be 3Xs more than expected from the statistical average.

      And if there are three such quakes and one of them lands inside a window it will be 2Xs the statistical average. I'm expecting there to be three quakes with one inside a window. If there are three and two fall within a window or two then I'm thinking that that would represent an occurrence of 6Xs greater than the statistical average I would need a statistician to confirm that though. I may be adding other possible locations for the quakes between now and the window dates. Hmmm, I'm hoping nothing that extreme will happen.. With a little positive thinking or prayer perhaps such a scenario as you suggest can be avoided.

      Hi Lilleyth, Looks like the T-square will be near exact on July 18th. Although such a configuration is something to look out for and could spell some disaster or tragedy, my historical evidence doesn't seem to implicate an earthquake then. But thanks for the heads up! I hope your statistics are right.

      Be a good idea to see what happened the last time Uranus and Pluto were in a square with mars. Mid July is when the mars t-square is exact. The US has a Cancer sun. Thanks again Lilleyth, The configuration you mention is interesting, but I would only be concerned if perhaps the aspects were tighter.

      Of the three planets you named, I have found Mars to be the most important influence in earthquake charts. Although Mars is fairly active on the 22nd, the only tight configuration displayed is between it and Chiron and the Moon's node. Although that T-square configuration is intriguing, the aspects being formed don't occur often enough during earthquakes in my database to be considered significant.

      A Short and Long Answer to the Question

      I'm not saying that there won't be an earthquake on the 22nd, but if it does happen I would be more inclined to think that it was a random occurrence don't think I spelled out in the article my belief that astrology and randomness are usually arm wrestling for dominance when it comes to what caused an event. Thanks for your comment Lilleyth, I haven't practiced astrology that long but I first studied it years ago and, like an Aries, found other interests like earthquakes, UFOs, music, and chess to distract me for much of the time between then and now.

      I notice that your suggested date for an earthquake occurs at the time of a New Moon. I found that the number of earthquakes in my database that occurred when within orb of a Sun-Moon conjunction was less than the statistical average while those that happened at times of oppositions was about 1.

      I've also found that many minor aspects that you wouldn't normally pay much attention to are very important influences I have practiced astrology for 40 years and have proven to myself that it works.

      Watch this fortnight

      It is both a gift and a curse, as you know well ahead of the event that something terrible is going to happen. I too believe that there is going to be a big earthquake this month, around the 22nd. There are earthquakes everyday all around the world, but this one is going to be significant. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

      HubPages Inc, a part of Maven Inc. As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. To provide a better website experience, hubpages. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. Today, prediction methods are primarily focused on probabilistic earthquake forecasting , which is the statistical assessment of general earthquake hazard in a given area over a certain time frame.

      Probabilistic forecasting concerns the odds at which an earthquake might occur, while the earlier technique of deterministic prediction involves specifying exactly when an earthquake will occur. The probabilistic earthquake prediction technique is currently being employed in California through a model called the Uniform California Earthquake Rupture Forecast 3 , which provides authoritative estimates on the likelihood of earthquake fault ruptures throughout the state. As inputs, the tool includes the geometries of all major faults in the region, as well as the most current data on how often earthquakes occur and how strong they are when they do.

      A second promising development is the earthquake early warning system. Upon detection of an earthquake, it provides a real-time warning of seconds to minutes for neighboring regions that might be affected. This system takes advantage of the different speeds of seismic waves that make up the energy radiating from an earthquake. In short, if the system detects the first arrival of the fastest waves, known as P waves, before the arrival of the more-dangerous, slower-moving surface waves, an alarm can be triggered Figure 2.

      Using high-speed automation, even a few seconds of warning could be enough to stop machinery, such as trains and elevators, and alert people to get to safety. Currently, the rail system in the San Francisco Bay Area BART uses an earthquake early warning system to automatically slow trains when an earthquake occurs. Richard Allen, a seismologist at University of California Berkeley is one of the leaders in this field and helped develop the ShakeAlert system.

      Allen is developing a smart phone-based detection system that has shown promising early results in densely populated regions.