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You crave for playfulness and excitement and you always need someone to celebrate your conquests with.

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You want to create an equal and delightful environment for yourself to live in. You often find it difficult to open up to new people and have a hard time trusting people. You are driven by wisdom that comes from new experiences.

You want to be surrounded by festivities and celebrations. You crave for peaceful alone times to refuel yourself and get back on your task for creating things that will last for multiple generations. Your need for freedom makes it difficult for you to settle down in life.

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You live in your own fantasy world. Your creativity and compassion makes you a powerful healer and your spirituality drives your sensuality. Related Post.

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August 22, August 21, October 7, October 1, Leave a Reply Cancel Reply. You are driven by challenges and the need to be on the top. Your relationships are driven by your obsession for emotional security.

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You are stimulated by new ideas and constant communication which helps you feel connected to the people and things that reflect back at you with similar energies. Your fear of abandonment makes you greedy for reassurance at every stage of your life. Your need to express leadership makes you prone to attention-seeking and glamorizing yourself. Your need for mental stimulation and order makes you a great problem solver but also adds up to your anxiety. Your hatred for injustice and conflicts drives your need to live a peaceful and harmonious companionship. You gift your loved ones with your everlasting loyalty along with your intense sexual chemistry and soul-bonding.

Your love for variety and travelling makes you attracted to open-minded people. You are turned on by power and ambitions, but this also makes you emotionally distant from the people who care about you. You love people pleasing because of your strong needs for friendship and companionship. Even you yourself are unaware of the depth of your emotions.

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Information about these chapters is present in separate nadi leaves and can only be identified after the main leaf has been found and interpreted. Despite its tremendous growth and shifts towards Westernization, India continues to be a country rooted in culture, tradition and religion. It also has a highly skewed sex ratio in favor of men making it difficult for the urban male population to find partners of their choice.

Although the concept of dating and love marriages is on the rise, arranged marriages are still the norm with parents making most of the decisions about the married life of their kids. Whether the information in these leaves is accurate or not is and will continue to remain subjective.

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This is what we have learnt from the responses that we received to our other articles on this topic. Nevertheless we would like to hear your views as we continue to explore the various facets of Nadi Astrology. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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